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How to Deodorize Shoes


Shoes that carry odor are not a laughing matter, shoes are not cheap and smelling the outcome is not fun.  Instead of throwing out your shoes and buying new ones, try to beat the problem at home, so you can keep your favorite pair of shoes, save money, and keep everyone sane around you.  Deodorizing is simple and effective, and can save that favorite pair of shoes you just don’t want to get rid of.

The Root of the Problem

Sometimes, the problem is not with the shoe, but a bacterial problem on your feet.  Sweat causes growth of bacteria because of the wetness. Since your feet are covered with shoes, this can be a harboring ground for bacteria. Washing your feet, thoroughly with antibacterial soap, can help cut the sweat and the stench. Also, soaking your feet in black tea for a half hour a day, for one week will kill bacteria and help close pores, relinquishing foot odor.

Remedies from the Store

You next visit to the pharmacy or grocery store can give you an abundance of remedies for deodorizing your shoes. Buying a stick of antiperspirant for use on your feet, will cut the sweat and the smell in your shoes.

Also, purchasing a bottle of fabric refresher, baking soda, and deodorized shoe inserts can help eliminate odor.  Dryer sheets are another remedy to the problem; just use your favorite brand of dryer sheet in your shoes overnight and this will help cut the odor in the shoe.

Oddly, cat litter is also very absorbent and eliminates odor as well. Once you find the source of the odor, placing litter in the bottom of the shoe will help absorb sweat and wetness, and will cut odor.  Place the litter in a nylon stocking and let it sit in the shoe overnight.

Avoiding the Cycle

After you have tried some of these remedies, keeping your shoes fresh is the next step. Anytime you wear shoes consecutively the shoe will ultimately become odorous again. Try to switch shoes daily, giving your favorite pair a break. Set the shoes outside in the sun, the sun will help dry out your shoes and the fresh air will give the shoes a chance to breathe.

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