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How to Deposit a Check


Depositing a check is an easy and common process, but if the check is not properly prepared beforehand, the deposit could be longer and more involved than necessary.

Check Elements

Before making a deposit, make sure that the check you are depositing is valid. Carefully examine all of the entries on the front of the check. Are all blanks completed? Are they accurate and true? Does the financial institution accept checks of that age? Do the numerical and written amount entries match? Are the issuing account and routing numbers intact and legible? Did the issuer sign the check? (1)

If those items are in order, check the back. Is the cashing signature present and valid? Are there cashing instructions for a partial deposit or full deposit?

If the back entries are acceptable, complete a deposit slip for the teller.

Deposit Slip Entries

If using a pre-printed deposit slip, your name and address are already noted on the slip. If using a counter deposit slip, enter this information in the noted areas.

The routing and account numbers on a pre-printed slip identify into whose account the check will be credited and the branch hosting the account. If the number sets are not present, legibly include them on the counter slip.

Next, to the right are columns that outline what type of deposit mode is being made, what total for that mode, any cash back requested, and the net total of the deposit. (2)

If the sole check being presented is for $150.00 and the entire amount is deposited, in the check row, enter the check number if possible, and then enter the total amount of the check.

If $25.00 is wanted from that check, note the $25.00 in the “Money Back” or “Cash Back” entry area.

Then subtract the $25 from the $150 and enter the net deposit amount of $125.00.


For check safety reasons, do not sign the back of the check until at the counter.

Have ID out and ready for the teller.

Double-check the math. Incorrect addition or subtraction composes one of the most common delays in the deposit process. Many banks have small calculators available in their ticket preparation area. Do not be afraid to use them.

Present the deposit slip and the endorsed check to the cashier with valid and current photo identification.



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