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How to Download Audio Books to Kindle


Sometimes reading a book while you’re on a long trip or in a moving vehicle is impossible. Maybe you’re driving or maybe you just get severe motion sickness at the thought of reading in a moving vehicle. Either way, the Kindle can be of use to you. Just download Amazon’s audio software to reap the benefits of this innovative audio book software. Here’s how to get started in four easy steps:

Step 1

Create an account with Amazon’s website Audible here: There are four accounts to choose from which range from $14.95/mo to $229/yr. With each plan you purchase credits–one credit=one book download. Some are billed to your account once a month or you can choose to purchase all of your book credits up front. The more you purchase at once, the more you save. Choose your desired plan, and move on to step 2.

Step 2

After you have created an account, download the audio software at Follow the install wizard’s instructions and move on to step 3.

Step 3

Tether your Kindle to your computer using the USB cord that comes with your Kindle, then run AudibleManager. Be sure to download the Audible software before you hook up your Kindle. Your Kindle should authorize automatically as long as you downloaded the software legally. If it does not, just click the “Activate” icon and enter your username when prompted. After authorization, listen to any audiobook you transfer to your Kindle.

Step 4

After you have finished downloading and registering, just plug in your headphones and start listening to practically any book you can think of on your Kindle. If you don’t have headphones, just use your Kindle’s external speakers.

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