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How to Dry Lavender in the Microwave

How to Dry Lavender in the Microwave l

Well-dried lavender will remain aromatic for a very long time.  Lavender can be used in dried flower arrangements, wreaths and many other crafts.  Lavender also adds a pleasant fragrance to sachets, homemade soaps and bath products, making it an optimal choice for growing fresh and drying.  An easy way to dry fresh lavender is with a microwave oven.

Harvesting Fresh Lavender

To harvest the flowers, begin when the flowers are first open and full.  Use gardening sheers and cut the amount of lavender you wish to dry.

Microwave Drying Lavender

Arrange the lavender in a single layer on two paper towels.  If you don’t have paper towels available you can use a sheet of newspaper or a paper plate.  Do small batches at a time for the best results.

Place in the microwave and cover with another paper towel, newspaper, or paper plate.

Close the door and set the microwave on high for 1 minute.

Stop after 1 minute and check the herb.  If it still feels damp, replace the paper towel and dry for an additional minute.

Continue these short cooking spurts until the lavender has reached an acceptable level of dryness.

Remove from the microwave and lay on a flat surface.  Remove the top layers of paper and allow the lavender cool.



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