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How to Fill Out a Deposit Slip


You need to know how to fill out a deposit slip in order to deposit money into a bank account.  The process is very simple and only requires that you bring with you your account number.

Step 1: Obtain a deposit slip. All banks offer deposit slips to their customers. These forms are generic and as such are completely blank requiring that you fill in all deposit information including your account information.  If you have a checking account with checks, these usually come with a set up pre-printed deposit slips that require only that you fill in the necessary deposit information.

Step 2: Name and date. Simply fill in the name used on your account and today’s date.

Step 3: Fill In Your Account Information. You will need to know the exact number of the bank account into which you want to deposit money.

If you have pre-printed deposit slips that came with your checks, this has already been completed for you.

Step 4: Fill in the monetary portion of the slip. Most deposit slips have a number of different lines to separate the actions you wish to take.

  • Cash: Fill in the dollars and the cents of any cash you are depositing
  • Checks: The following two or three lines offer you space to list the checks you are depositing. To the left you can use the space to list the name on the check or the check number. To the right you fill in the check amount, one check per line. If you have more than a few checks, you use the back of the slip to track them all, subtotal them, and then use the last line before the sub-total to bring them to the front.
  • Sub-Total: Add the cash, the checks on the front of the slip, and the subtotal of checks from the back and insert the sum here.
  • Less Cash Received: Insert the amount of cash you would like to receive back from the deposit.
  • Net Deposit: Subtract the subtotal from the cash received and you have your deposit amount.



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