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How to Find Laptop Temperature


A number of free downloads allow PC and MAC laptop users to install a software applet that monitors the temperature of a machine and performance of its main components.

PC Tools

For PCs, three examples of these tools are RealTemp, CoreTemp, and Speedfan. Speedfan, which works on any computer running Windows 2000 operating system or better, keeps track of laptop voltages and fan speed (s) along with machine temperature. The program also allows users to modulate the speed of the fan(s), so that it can be set to maximum power in more heated conditions or whenever the laptop is not relying on battery power.

MAC Tools

For MAC users, there are similarly a number of different free downloads such as ThermoInDock, Temperature Monitor and Temperature Monitor. Temperature Monitor allows MAC laptop readers to access real-time readings of the same temperature gauges that the operating system uses to monitor and cool a computer.

Factors Influencing Laptop Temperature

One the biggest variables that influences the temperature of a laptop is the surface that it sits on, with carpet and couch fabric being prime examples of one of the worst possible heat reflecting settings. Among the many consumer products designed to help laptop users mitigate operating temperature is the thermoPAK. This patented laptop computer pad contains crystals that turn into gel as they absorb computer heat and then cool back down to crystal form after use. In documented tests, the company found that the reduction of computer heat by five to 10 degrees Fahrenheit was accompanied by another five to 10 degree decrease in heat transferred to people using a machine, creating an aggregate heat shield of up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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