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How to Fix a Bathtub Faucet Leak


A leaky bathtub faucet could quickly lead to costly plumbing repair bills and damage to the underlying drywall and subflooring of your bathroom. Learning how to fix a bathtub faucet leak could save you a considerable amount of time and money and avoid the hassle of having a repairman come into your home. These steps will help you learn how to fix a bathtub faucet leak using basic tools and some elbow grease.

Beginning Steps

Before you begin, shut off the water supply to the bathtub faucet. Turn the faucet on to drain any remaining water from the fixture. Then, plug the drain so that no faucet parts fall down the hole. Apply some electrical or duct tape to your wrench ends so that you do not damage the faucet when you remove it. Find a few old t-shirts or towels and a pair of rubber gloves for the repair stage of the task. Determine which type of faucet is in your bathtub so you can head to the hardware store and purchase the necessary replacement parts.

Disconnect the Faucet

Use a Philips head screwdriver to loosen the screws securing the faucet to the bathtub. Unscrew the stem of the faucet and lift it away.

Replacing Worn Parts

Inspect the faucet stem, paying special attention to the rubber washer. The rubber washer is usually the cause of faucet leaks, as the rubber deteriorates over time. Insert a new rubber washer and washer seat, aligning the seams according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use an Allen wrench to tighten the washer seat into position. Use a pipe cleaner to remove any rust, gunk or other debris from inside the faucet. Reattach the faucet to the bathtub using the screwdriver. Turn the water on and check the faucet for leaks.



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