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How to Get a Wine Stain Out of Carpet

How to get a wine stain out of carpet

Red wine can cause serious permanent damage if not treated properly.  Certain cleaners can actually SET a wine stain. Make sure you know which cleaners are safe when working to get a wine stain out of your carpet.

Don’t Procrastinate

The faster you clean up and treat a wine stain the better the chance of removal.  The first step in removing wine from the carpet is to soak up any existing liquid that has seeped into the carpet fibers.  Using an absorbent, white cloth, blot at the spill until the cloth is no longer absorbing any liquid.

Spot Removal

Red wine is a classified as a tannin, a compound that occurs naturally in the bark and fruit of a variety of plants. Tannins in wine are derived from both the grape plant parts as well as the oak barrels in which wine is aged.

Carpet fibers, as well as carpet cleaning solutions, all differ so be sure to test any product in an inconspicuous spot before making any attempts at stain removal. Once you have ensured that your carpet will not discolor from your spot removal attempts, try the following cleaning solutions.

Detergent:  Begin your stain removal attempts with simple detergent and water.  The detergent should not include soap in any form as soap can cause a tannin stain to set.

Dampen a white cloth with the detergent and water solution and blot. Continue until the stain has lifted. If it has not lifted after multiple attempts, move on to another solution.

Commercial Solution: If simple detergent does not remove your stain you may need a stronger commercial product. Follow the instructions carefully and employ all of the standard carpet cleaning procedures.

White Vinegar: Some extension service specialists recommend using white vinegar to remove wine stains.  Use vinegar in a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water employing all recommended carpet stain removal tips.

Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent and can weaken certain fibers such as cotton, acetate, and silk so be certain to perform a color-fast test before pouring vinegar on your carpet.

Carpet Stain Removal Tips

To prevent embedding the stain: Never scrub at a carpet stain.  Rather than assisting in lifting the liquid from the carpet, it could actually grind it deeper into the fibers.

To prevent spreading: Always work your stain from the outer edge toward the interior.



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