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How to Get Rid of Ants


Homeowners are happy to discover that most ant problems can be cured with at-home solutions or inexpensive products.

Boiling Water for Ant Mounds

Drown the ants in the ant mounds with boiling water. Use three gallons of boiling water per mound. Pour the boiling water over the mound. Then, create a natural, at-home repellant of water and citrus peels. Mix these in a blender and then pour the mixture over the anthill, following the boiling water. Alternatively, you can sprinkle instant grits over the mound. The ants will eat the grits and the grits will explode inside of them. Mint tea also works to get rid of ant hills.

Spraying the Lawn

Spray the lawn with insect killer. If it’s specifically designed for ants, that’s even better. Make sure to spray within one day of mowing the lawn. Spray the insect killer on trees and shrubs in the area, too. Only spray if it’s not windy out; otherwise, the insect killer will drift away from the lawn and you won’t see the best results. Spray in the morning or afternoon, but not at night.

Sugar and Borax Mixture

An effective homemade mixture to get rid of lawn ants can be made from equal parts sugar and borax. Pour the mixture into several small containers or jar lids. Place the containers around the yard. The ants will be attracted to the sugar, but the borax will kill them.

Ant Bait and Ant Granules

Certain types of bait and granules work on certain types of ants. Granules work well on fire ants. Leaf cutter ants, however, won’t eat bait or granules, and must be drenched out of the yard. Otherwise, bait and granules should work for minor law infestations. For larger infestations, spray the entire lawn.

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