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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House


It may sound obvious, but the first step when dealing with any sort of home flea infestation is to zero in on pet dogs and cats. Start by washing the animals then treat them with a market-leading flea control product.

Unfortunately, the combination of fleas laying a large number of eggs, and pets roaming all corners of a household or business, means that a single cycle of flea control products may not be sufficient. What’s more, ticks and fleas can easily return to a dog or cat’s pelt through outside vegetation contact, proximity at the kennel to another dog that is infested, and so on. With cat and dog ownership comes the need for ongoing flea pest control.

Next Steps

Two other elements are critical for removing fleas from a home or business. The first is to treat the entire structure by vacuuming and laundering bedding used by pets. Other more targeted pest control treatments such as light traps, cedar chips, or vinegar may also be considered. There is also a need to treat the yard surrounding the structure. This is the easiest part of home flea control, as many product insecticides are available for purchase that can be used to safely treat for fleas and other insects.

How Long to Eradicate the Problem

It can take up to 15 days for flea larvae to turn into adults, and another 25 days for those fleas to die. Eggs typically hatch within two days. While the female fleas that remain attached to their host dog or cat may be quickly felled by a pest control product, an initial infestation may require between one and two months to be fully eradicated.

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