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How to Get Rid of Tape Marks on Hardwood Floors

How to Get Rid of Tape Marks on Hardwood Floors

Whether the residue is from carpet tape or a simple mishap with the tape dispenser, removing tape residue from a hardwood floor does not need to be a labor-intensive, expensive task.


Remove as much of the tape as you can with a plastic edge or plastic scraper. A credit card makes a good scraper that will not leave permanent damage on your hardwood floor. Setting a hair dryer on high and blowing directly onto the tape can also help to remove the culprit without causing harm to the floor. Start at one end of the tape and peel it us as the heat loosens its sticky grip.

What to Do with the Residue

Once the tape has been removed, most likely a sticky residue will linger. Begin your removal efforts with the gentlest method possible so as not to damage your hardwood floor permanently. First try rubbing the residue with a sponge or rag dipped in near-boiling water mixed with mild dish soap. If that doesn’t work, soak a dry rag in mineral oil and rub the oil into the sticky spot. Sometimes mineral oil can loosen the tapes sticky fibers from the floor. You can then take your credit card again to gently scrape away any excess residue.  Never pour mineral oil directly on a hardwood floor.

Avoid Harsher Methods

There are more aggressive methods that can be used to remove sticky tape residue from hardwood floors, but you should use extreme caution when attempting them. Always carefully read the label before you use any harsh cleaner on your hardwood floor. Many are not approved for all types of hardwoods and could leave permanent and unsightly damage. WD-40 and nail polish remover are both effective tools used to remove tape residue but could also damage your floor. Always test these and other questionable substances in an inconspicuous area and wipe floor clean when finished.



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