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How to Get Scuff Marks off Hardwood Floors

How to Get Scuff Marks Off Hardwood Floors

Scuff marks can ruin the look of a polished hardwood floor. The first step to getting scuff marks off hardwood floors is identifying the type of floor finish you are dealing with.

Polyurethane or Sealed and Waxed?

If you have no way of contacting the hardwood floor installer to find out what type of hardwood floor you have you can test an inconspicuous area of the floor.  A sealed or waxed floor will have a grainy finish to the touch.  If you scrape the inconspicuous area with a fingernail, a sealed or wax floor will have a soft residue. If you peel any clear scrapings off you are likely dealing with polyurethane.

Removing Scuffs from a Polyurethane Hardwood Floor

A polyurethane coating is generally resilient to stains and scratches. You can buff out most scuffs on a polyurethane hardwood floor by rubbing the area vigorously with a soft cloth.  If this doesn’t fully remove the scuff mark, use a small amount of floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer and vigorously rub the area with a soft cloth.

Removing Scuffs from a Sealed or Waxed Hardwood Floor

To remove scuffs, start by choosing the least aggressive method.  By using extra -fine steel wool (000) to remove the scuff mark, you can usually re-wax with little change in appearance. If this is not successful, you may need to try a fine grit sandpaper but this also may require that you apply a matching finish.



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