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How to Get Urine Smell Out of Hardwood Floors

How to Get Urine Smells Out of Hardwood Floors

Puppies especially have a challenging time learning how to signal that they need to go outdoors to urinate, and accidents occur.  Animals are attracted to the scent of their urine and will repeat the behavior if there is any trace of the odor. If your pet has had an accident on your hardwood floors, here are some tips to remove the urine smell.

Effective Natural Remedies

If you can smell urine but cannot detect any wet spots on the hardwood floor, invest in a black light device that will show you exactly where the dried or old urine is located. If the urine spot is fresh, sponge up the urine with a dry cotton cloth as completely as possible, then wipe the area with a cloth saturated with a mixture of vinegar and water. If the urine stains are not new, mix up a homemade remedy in an old spray bottle that combines one part white vinegar with three parts tap water. Saturate the urine stain until it is completely wet, and then mop up all moisture with a clean, dry cloth. Sprinkle the area with dry baking soda and let sit for several minutes prior to vacuuming that up completely.

Pet Store Formulas Helpful

There are a number of commercial products available at your local pet store designed to help get urine smell out of hardwood floors. Be sure to choose one that contains enzymes designed to break down the urine and ultimately eliminate the odor rather than just masking it with a different fragrance or scent. Read the ingredient label to be sure that enzymes offering bacterial action are part of the formula and not just perfume to mask the urine scent. Ask if the formula is safe for hardwood floors rather than carpeting. If you are not sure that a commercial formula will stain your hardwood floor or not, test it on a hidden corner of the room prior to tackling the urine smell clean up job.



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