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How to Give a Thai Massage


Before can learn how to give a Thai massage, you need to understand its principles and dynamics.

Thai Massage-an Ancient Tradition

This ancient tradition still largely represents the power in stimulating immobilized muscles, improving circulation, and function of the nervous system. Thai massage renders profound results in stress reduction through a superior series of relaxation movements for the mind and body. Among the earliest massage techniques known, Thai massage can be tracked to 2,500 years ago in Thailand during the life of Buddha.

The Body Contains Life-Sustaining Energy Lines

Thai massage produces a connection between mind, body, and spirit. When any of these entities fall out of sync, it creates an imbalance in the total being. Learning how to give Thai massage can be relatively straightforward. The only items needed will be loose-fitting clothing and a yoga or Pilates mat. Thai massage can be done on any flat surface; however, the floor or ground creates the best body alignment.

Thai massage integrates four basic stretching and deep compressions techniques focused on the spinal area during the session.


(1.) Warm up: The body must be loosened up to make it responsive to healing manipulation. This involves extending each hamstring of the legs while working the pressure points along the energy lines of the legs.

(2.) The practitioner overstretches the legs one-by-one with the client’s knee joint elongated, forcing them frontward, then close in towards the client’s face while applying pressure to the abdomen. This aids in stretching the spinal column.

(3.) Also to lengthen the spine, the client lies face down on the mat with the knees bent and feet up while hands grip the practitioner ‘s thighs, simultaneously the practitioner pulls the client upward by the shoulders to expand the vertebrae of the back.

(4.) To expel the tightness on the back and shoulders, the client lies down facing upward with the back pressed to the floor and the feet propped up against the practitioner ‘s thighs. The practitioner then pulls the client upward by the arms.

Thai massage does not contain a quick-fix cure for what afflicts a person. It requires patience and time to tone and strengthen muscles and loosen stiff joints. Thai massage makes up a body massage similar to the use of yoga-style asanas. A deep-tissue massage, Thai massage loosens the joint spaces and intensifies the extension with little resistance on the part of the client but still in an engaging manner.



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