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How to Grow Out Gray Hair


As economic necessity and cultural shifts continue to elevate the status of women in our culture, more women are shunning the societal ideal of beauty through youth and instead embracing their natural beauty. If you have decided to let your hair go gray naturally, here are a few tips to manage that awkward growing out stage.

Managing the Transition

Going gray gracefully is all about managing the transition from your color treated hair to your natural gray. Unless you’re willing to grow your roots out two inches and then go with a pixie cut, this process could take up to a year, but there are some techniques you can use to limit the pain.

Add a Bit of Color

You can soften the line between your gray roots and your color treated hair by adding lowlights, or streaks of color, to your gray. As your gray continues to grow out, gradually reduce the concentration of lowlights you get each time you dye your hair until you’re able to stop them completely.

Get the Right Cut

Obviously if your hair is down past your waist, it will take you years to grow out your gray hair. When you decide to go gray, it’s probably practical to go with an above-the-collar cut. If you’re willing to be more dramatic, you can go even shorter, and further reduce the time it’ll take you to grow out your gray. Layered haircuts also help blend the levels of hair together, effectively partially camouflaging the demarcation line between the gray and color treated hair.

Gray Hair Beauty Maintenance

Gray hair is coarser and dyer than pigmented hair. To enhance its natural beauty, use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Once a week, wash your hair with a shampoo specifically designed to prevent gray or white hair from yellowing due to chemical and environmental pollutants, and then follow that up with a deep conditioning treatment. Style your hair with products that are designed to reflect light, since non-pigmented hair absorbs light, which can make it look flat and dull.


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