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How to Grow Stronger Nails


Strong nails are the result of a healthy diet, good circulation, proper maintenance, and minimal exposure to harmful substances. The cuticle protects the nails from bacteria and fungi. Part of growing and maintaining strong nails, therefore, includes caring for the cuticle as well. Diet and exercise alone is not enough to get healthy nails when they are exposed daily to chemicals such as those in some nail polish removers, cigarettes, household cleaners and other detergents. Additionally, if you enjoy such activities as gardening or playing the piano, your nails will need extra care to maintain their strength.

Diet Tips

Choose to eat organic foods whenever possible. Healthy diets include all of the vitamins and minerals that the body needs over the course of the day. Today’s processed food, however, is frequently of such poor quality that it must be enriched with added nutrients. Sometimes the serving size of a food only contains 10 percent of the recommended daily allowance for two or three nutrients and the rest of the product is filler.

Grow strong nails by using products specifically designed to feed your nails the building blocks that they need. Use products that provide silica or help to improve circulation. Circulation is important since oxygen is one of the necessary building blocks.

Daily supplements that contain biotin will help to increase the thickness of your nails.

Maintenance Tips

Apply a base coat to your nails to seal them from the drying chemicals in nail polish.

Moisturize your cuticles and fingernails several times a day to eliminate brittle nails and maintain healthy cuticles. A good rule is to moisturize immediately after washing your hands. Additionally, apply a good quality moisturizer to prevent hangnails before doing office work such as filing and processing the mail.

Moisturize your feet before putting on your socks and shoes in the morning. Also, moisturize after every bath or shower since your nails have been exposed to soaps and their drying effects.

Wear gloves when you clean the house or work in the garden.

Trim your fingernails and toenails regularly. Shape them with a file to keep the edges smooth.

Use green nail products that do not contain formaldehyde, acetone or toluene, all of which are harmful to you.

Wear the correct size shoes. If your toenails are touching the top of the shoe, then they are rubbing against it with every step. Poor fitting shoes contribute to ingrown toenails.

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