How to Hang a Scarf Valance

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Scarf valances are easy to hang, but there are certain steps necessary to ensure that the valance gives an attractive appearance. A scarf valance will not completely cover the curtain rod. This means that it is important to choose an attractive rod that is cohesive with the room's décor. Start this project by attaching the curtain rod brackets to the outside of the window and just slightly above. The bottom of the rod should measure about an inch above the window opening. If the rod is hung too high, the scarf valance will not adequately cover the top portion of the windowpane, giving it a misplaced look.

Hanging the Scarf Valance

The completed look of a hung scarf valance is not an exact science. You must rely more on your own preference in the end. Fold the scarf in half, placing a straight pin at the center of the scarf. Clip the center of the scarf to the center of the rod and remove the pin. Wrap the scarf valance over the rod several times on either side of the clip. The total number of times will depend on the width of the window. Wrap it two to four times for a smaller window and eight to ten times on a larger window. However, if you prefer lower draped swags, you may choose to wrap the scarf only two times on a large window.

Adjusting the Scarf Valance

Pull down the draping between the scarf wraps to create swags. Scarf Valances look best if there is a larger swag in the center. Remove the clip and start with pulling down the center swag, and then arrange the others on either side. Stand back and take a critical look at the draped swags. If they are not to your satisfaction, adjust them and take another look. Also, adjust the folds in the swag to your liking. More exacting folds, and creases, will give your valance a more formal appearance. The tails, or ends of the scarf, should hang evenly on either side of the window.


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