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How to Harvest Lavender


Lavender is a very rewarding plant to grow.  Given proper soil, light and moisture lavender provides many years of enjoyment.  This is a beautiful plant that and offers flower wands for decoration, perfumes and cooking each year.  Harvesting lavender is easy but there are a few conditions to note before heading out.

When to Harvest Lavender

Lavender can be harvested each year but the plant isn’t fully mature until it is three years old.  This is when the plant reaches maximum size and bloom potential.   Lavender should be harvested just as the stalk, or wand, comes in to full bloom.  Cut the wands down to where the new growth has started on the woody part of the plant.  You get the longest wands this way and have pruned the plant at the same time.

How to Harvest Lavender

Cut the wands during the driest part of the day.  Any residual moisture on the flowers can result in mold or mildew.  Long grass shears make quick work of harvesting but smaller pruning shears work just as well.  You might get a bonus of a second, small burst of bloom after harvesting but generally lavender only flowers once a season.

If you pruned the plant when the wands were harvested there is no further action needed to keep it healthy.  If only the wands were trimmed then the plant needs to be pruned in order to keep its shape and encourage new flowers next year.



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