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How to Heal Hip Bursitis


As of this writing, there are only two ways to heal hip bursitis. There are effective ways to treat hip bursitis symptoms, but do not offer the permanent (or long term) option of healing the hip bursa or bursae:

  • Rest affected hip
  • Take anti-inflammatories prescribed or approved by your physician.
  • Avoid repetitive movements of the affected bursa, which increases friction, and by cause and effect, starts the painful cycle of inflammation, pain, possible swelling, and heat.


As to actually healing hip bursitis, there are two known procedures:

Injections. Injections into the surrounding tissue of the bursa or bursae (there are two major bursa of the hip). The injections most often contain an anesthetic and an anti-inflammatory and you many experience healing after the first injection. Some hip bursitis sufferers may require up to two more injections that are similar. These injections are usually spaced one to two months apart.

Surgery of the hip bursa. The affected bursa is removed. The bursa is not required for hip function. The affected bursa may be removed by arthroscopic procedure. This procedure requires one to three small incisions of which the affected bursa is removed.



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