How to Increase Clothes Dryer Efficiency


There are many ways that you can increase your clothes dryer’s efficiency.  Statistics show that 6% of a household’s electricity consumption is from that of the clothes dryer. It is therefore important to ensure that your clothes dryers are working as efficiently as possible to avoid wasting electricity and your money as well. Here are some ways that you can increase your clothes dryer efficiency.

Use a Gas-Heated Dryer

Although all dryers are powered by electricity, dryers differ in terms of the heating mechanism used to dry clothes. Clothes dryers can be either gas or electric heated. Gas heated dryers heat up faster than electric heated dryers, making it possible for you to accomplish drying your clothes in a shorter amount of time. This also translates to savings of up to fifty percent in electricity consumption for your dryer.

Use a Dryer with an Automatic Shut-Off Mechanism

To ensure that your clothes do not stay in the dryer for longer than is necessary, choose a dryer with an automatic shut-off mechanism. This feature of dryers works by using moisture sensors that detect when your clothes are already dry and if so, the machine automatically turns off. This is more efficient than using built-in timers, because drying time ultimately depends on the amount and kind of clothing and articles that are inserted into the dryer.

Choose a Dryer Size That Fits Your Needs

If you know that you will be drying one or two small loads within the day, it is wiser to purchase a small or compact clothes dryer as this uses less energy than larger dryers do. However, if you will be drying large loads of clothing on a regular basis, it is more energy and time efficient to use a standard dryer, because drying numerous small loads will turn out more costly.

Clean and Do Necessary Maintenance on Your Dryer Regularly

To avoid having to repeat the drying cycle, make sure that you clean out your dryer’s filter preferably after finishing one load. Have your machine serviced and checked regularly as well. These steps ensure that your dryer will be working properly, thus avoiding having to repeat the cycle and wasting electricity.



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