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How to Increase Number of Rings on Blackberry


This may come as a surprise to Blackberry owners, but the inbound ring time for the device is generally set by the associated connectivity provider rather than the device owner, and is typically configured to a default of 15 seconds.

In order to increase their assigned ring time, Blackberry owners need to call their respective service plan provider and request that the default setting be extended to a point anywhere up to the usual maximum of 30 seconds. There are, however, some self-serve user-end workarounds available, depending on the provider. For example, by punching in a certain code on a Blackberry, subscribers to one Australian wireless provider can instantly up the ring time from 15 to 25 seconds.

Why is this even an issue? Either the person who owns a Blackberry is present when the device rings and will answer, or they are away from their phone and it then needs to logically go to voice mail as quickly as possible. The answer lies in the multi-billion dollar industry known as ring tones. For many owners of a Blackberry and other cutting edge wireless devices, their selected ring tone of the moment is a personal badge of honor, something they want people to hear as much and as long as possible whenever the device rings.

The fact that Blackberries will only ring a maximum of 30 seconds before going to voice mail also represents a major change from the old rotary and touch-tone phone. In extreme cases, callers can let such a phone ring for many minutes when trying to reach people. On a Blackberry, this is simply not possible.

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