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How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace


Understanding how to increase productivity in the workplace is key to a company’s success; however, some managers find this aspect of their jobs difficult. There are a few key things you can do to motivate your employees and manage time wisely, which will result in increased productivity.

Time Management Skills Key

The first step in increasing productivity is learning time management skills and teaching it to your employees. Doing this is a great way to pin point time wasters throughout the day and increase productive use of time.

Productivity Checklist

Here are a few other things you can do yourself, or teach your employees to do to increase productivity.

Write out a to-do list every day. Write down what needs done and approximately how long it will take, giving a little bit of extra time for any unplanned complications.

Prioritize tasks. Decide which things are most important for that day and be sure to schedule time to get those things finished first.

Organize the work area. A lot of time is wasted searching for tools or papers needed throughout the day. Organizing things so that everyone knows exactly where things are can free up a lot of wasted time.

Shortcuts. Teach anyone involved in business operations any beneficial short cuts that may help them to process orders or finish paperwork in a more timely manner.

Reward your employees. Everyone likes to be shown appreciation and be rewarded. This will give them a reason to strive to get their tasks done in time. Motivation is key!

Get rid of the time wasters. Find out what your employees do throughout the day and decide which things are not important. These things are just wasting valuable time that you cannot get back. Eliminating these time wasters can give you more productive time each and every day.

Review Training Methods

If you find that decreased productivity or habitually wasted time is not an isolated incident, review your training methods. If someone is not trained correctly, they will make more errors and will spend more wasted time trying to sort things out. Training everyone properly from the beginning will make things work together more smoothly, which will result in increased production.

Making your employees happy is also another key to increasing production. If employees enjoy their jobs and feel appreciated, they will most likely put their best foot forward and work more intently.

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