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How to Keep Teeth White

How to Keep Teeth White


Having white and bright teeth does not stop with undergoing bleaching procedures or completing the number of applications required of a teeth whitening product. Your daily habits, both with respect to eating, drinking and hygiene, will ultimately determine how long you can maintain the whiteness of your smile, without having to undergo a whitening procedure again and thereby cause less damage to your teeth.

  1. Use A Good Whitening Toothpaste Regularly

In order to maintain white teeth, it is important to choose a good toothpaste that will remove surface stains that cause the yellowing or darkening of the teeth.

According to the American Dental Association, whitening or bleaching toothpastes that are safe for everyday use are formulations with neutral PH, whether they may be carbamide peroxide preparations or hydrogen peroxide preparations

It is not only important to choose a safe and effective whitening toothpaste product to maintain your white smile, but to actually use it regularly as well. The regularity required to maintain white teeth is more that brushing your teeth when you wake up and before you go to bed, but it required brushing right after every meal if possible, especially if the meal you just had composed of stain causing food and drinks.

  1. Floss and Use a Nonprescription Flouride Mouthrinse Regularly

Apart from using a good American Dental Association approved whitening toothpaste, it is also important to floss as much as possible after every meal, and to rinse your mouth with a nonprescription fluoride mouthrinse, in order to get rid of plaque and foodbits that may collect on your teeth. This not only prevents plaque from causing an unsightly yellow build-up on the teeth, but it prevents cavities and gum problems as well.

  1. Use A Straw When Drinking Stain-Causing Beverages

Drinking stain-causing beverages such as coffee, tea, dark soda and red wine cannot be avoided at all times. But if you must drink these beverages, do use a straw when drinking them in order to avoid the liquids from having contact with your teeth and thus prevent staining.



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