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How to Layer Hair


Often, how to layer hair gets confusing to hairstylists and customers alike. Normally, hair layering is defined as cutting hair at different lengths that conform to an established style. This is true for short, long, medium, or combined lengths. Layering hair can also seem complicated, because of the various layering methods that are used to highlight or change a current hairstyle.

How Is Hair Layered

Basically, the stylist will lift small sections of hair at various angles, away from its natural pattern of growth. Then, it is trimmed uniformly, to a particular length.

What Is Good and Not Good To Layer

These areas work well layered:

– The entire crown
– The top head area,
– The top area of bangs or fringe on forehead.

Avoid layering these areas:

– Nape of neck from ear to ear.
– Side of the head over the ears
– Hairline around the face
– On the hair part line.

An All-Over Layered Cut

For this cut, the hair is held straight, at a ninety degree angle from it natural pattern of growth. Next, the whole head of hair is trimmed at the same length and angle.

Long Layer Style

This style keeps the all the layers long. The hair is held at a vertical position, or 180 degrees. Next, it is cut to the length that was chosen before the styling began. Then, all the hair is elevated uniformly to 180 degrees, which makes the layers on the crown, shorter than on the neck and side areas. The 1970’s star, Farrah Fawcett wore this hairstyle.

Moderate Layering

Hair can be moderately layered to eliminate extra weight, add a softer look, and let the ends flow more freely. This can be accomplished by raising strands of hair to a 45-degree angle and cut to the desired length. Then, this angle and cutting length is repeated over the entire head.

Crown Layering

The way most people have their hair layered is throughout the crown area. Since this eliminates a bit of length in the front and on the crown, it allows hair to flow away from your head. In contrast, hair that is kept too long on the crown will tend to make the hair flatten. However, if the hair on the crown is trimmed a little shorter than the rest of the hair, it will look like it has more body and volume.



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