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How to Level a Washing Machine


To level a washing machine, you will need to carefully adjust the screw in “feet” located on the bottom corners of the appliance until you are able to determine that it is sitting level with your laundry room floor.

A washing machine that moves while spinning or makes an unexpected amount of noise during the wash or spin cycles most likely is not level with the floor on which the machine is sitting. To ensure that it is level, you will need to have a level and possibly a pair of pliers on hand. First, you will want to unplug your washing machine from the electrical outlet. Then, check to see if the front feet of the washer are up as high as they will go by turning them clockwise. If they are, place your level across the top of the appliance and check to see if it sits level. If the machine is out of level, you will need to adjust the feet by turning counterclockwise and rechecking until the machine is level. Lifting the back of the washing machine slightly will enable the back feet to automatically adjust themselves. Check the level again, and repeat the process if necessary.




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