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How to Load a Washing Machine


Answer: A washing machine should be loaded loosely with clothing and linens of like colors.

More Info: Before loading, items for washing should be separated by colors and whites, and tags should be checked to determine the water temperature and speed required for each load.

For top-loading washing machines, the amount of clothing to be loaded depends on the capacity of the machine. The capacity of a washing machine is based on weight, and this information is available in the instructions that come with the machine. However, it is not usually necessary to actually weigh the items to be loaded. Common sense is the most useful tool. When loading a washing machine, clothing and other items should be dropped in loosely and evenly. For a medium-sized load, the fullness level of the washing tub should reach about halfway. For a full load, the level may reach close to the top. Items should not be pushed in or stuffed in to the machine, as doing so may cause damage to the items or the washer itself, and may result in the items not being properly or evenly washed.

For larger items such as blankets or comforters, it may be necessary to wash the items at a Laundromat in a front-loading washer, or have them professionally cleaned. Although such items may be within the weight capacity of a top-loading washing machine, the nature of the size of these single items may make washing in a top-loader unfeasible, causing unbalanced loads and uneven washing.



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