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How to Make a Laptop Wireless


Most of today’s new laptop computers are equipped with embedded wireless detection capabilities. Plugging a slim wireless adapter into a USB port and having it stick out to the side of the laptop with light(s) blinking is an increasingly old school set-up.

The first order of business is to allow the laptop computer to detect the home, business, or retail WiFi wireless network in question. When dealing with the free WiFi environments offered by Starbucks, public libraries and other vendors, it’s often as simple as opening up an Internet browser. Once a laptop computer is powered up and a browser open, the wireless network is automatically detected, bringing up an Internet page with simple instructions to follow. Typically, a user need only click to accept some basic terms of use to be merging within seconds onto the Information Superhighway.

When setting up a broadband network at home, some may choose to rent the router and wireless modem equipment for a small monthly fee from providers such as AT&T and Time Warner Cable, while others may opt to purchase of their own equipment. In the former case, the password that needs to be typed once and stored in order to ensure access onto the network is usually pre-set and noted by means of a sticker attached to the bottom of the router or modem. If the equipment is purchased, the administrative user name and password preferences usually need to be set manually.

For many of today’s savvy laptop users, it’s no longer a matter of wireless networks but rather an issue of the larger, broadband infrastructure that their network sits on. In 2010, for both laptops and Smart phones, the transition is being made from third-generation wireless networks (3G) to better-performing fourth-generation wireless networks (4G). Many consumers need to now start from the point of whether their next laptop and wireless provider combination can lead them to the newest, fastest wireless network standards.

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