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How to Make Vodka Jello Shots



The brand name Jello® Shots may be novel to current times, but the gelatin concoction imbibed with alcohol is not. America’s most famous bartender, Jerry Thomas, included a similar recipe in How to Mix Drinks, or, the Bon Vivant’s Companion, the first ever drink book published in the United States in 1862.

Thomas named the concoction Punch Jelly, the recipe of which called for jellifying spiked punch. Thomas warns that his recipe should be consumed in moderation for the alcohol is so cunningly disguised in the gelatin that, “many persons, particularly of the softer sex, have been tempted to partake so plentifully of it as to render them somewhat unfit for waltzing or quadrilling after supper”.

Basic Vodka Jello® Shots Recipe

1-3 oz box Jello® (any flavor)
2 envelopes Knox® gelatin
1 cup boiling water
1 cup vodka

Dissolve Jello® with hot water. Add Knox® gelatin envelopes and stir until dissolved. Add vodka. Pour into plastic shot cups and refrigerate until set.


Colored Layers: You can create unique layered shooters by making different colors. The trick to layers is to let the first layer set fully then let the second layer cool to room temperature before pouring it on top of the first.

Garnishes: Just like adding fruit to your gelatin dessert, you can do the same for your shooters. Add blueberries, strawberries or the like.

Squares: You don’t need shooter cups when adding Knox® gelatin. You can make pour the mixture into a pan and cut into solid squares when set.

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