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How to Measure Ring Size


One size does not fit all when it comes to rings. The size of your fingers can change from day to day depending on how bloated or dehydrated you are as well as other factors that can contribute to the change of your finger size when you are trying on different rings. That is why it is helpful to know what your ring size is and how to measure it.

Ring Size Charts

One way to measure your ring size is by using a ring size charts. Most jewelers refer to a ring size chart. Depending on which jewelry store you visit, the sizes on the universal ring size chart run between size 5 to size 13, while some stores will have ring size charts that have sizes that vary between size 42 to size 71.

Each size will have a corresponding diameter that will fit your finger. For example, in the first ring size chart mentioned above, size 5 rings have a 15.7 mm diameter, while a size 6 has a 16.5 mm diameter. The largest ring size, which is size 13, has a 22.2 mm diameter. For the second type of ring size chart, the size 42 has a 13.37 mm diameter, while the next size, which is 43, has a 13.689 mm diameter.

Between the two ring size charts, the second chart is a more precise measurement because the increments are very small. These sizes will have sample rings with which you can try on. The size of the sample ring that fits you is your ring size.

You can also find out your ring size by using a ring that you own which fits you perfectly, and place it on top of the circles on a ring size chart. A good guide in determining what exactly your ring size is, is finding the size on the chart where your ring fills the inside of the sizes’ sample drawing completely, without it overlapping.

Finger Size Strip

If you do not have a ring size chart on hand, you can also use finger size strips that measure the diameter of your finger. Similarly, you can use a measuring tape to determine the diameter of the space where you place your ring on your finger. This method is less accurate than the ring size chart method, but it is an acceptable alternative.

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