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How to Organize a Mudroom

how-to-organize-a-mudroomLet’s look at how to organize your mudroom by efficiently making use of what is typically a small, highly-trafficked area. The mudroom is the room where the family first enters the house and gets rid of clutter and mud. It may also be doing double duty as a laundry room. Make the most of your space by creating homes for all the items that you don and shed as you come in and out of your house – coats, hats, shoes, umbrellas, purses, backpacks, and more.

Hooks and Bins for Clothes and Accessories

A coat rack for in-season jackets, coats, and caps can save trips back and forth to the hall closet, especially with rain- and snow-covered gear. Hooks and stackable canvas storage bins at the appropriate heights can hold winter hats, scarves, muffs, gloves and mittens. Create shoe storage beneath a small bench where shoes come off and on. An attractive umbrella holder keeps umbrellas handy.

Bags and Packs

Wall hooks or shelves are ideal for purses, backpacks, and other bags. You can organize space for these items by family member to help keep things orderly and easy to find.

Pocket Contents

Small hooks for keys take up little space but provide peace of mind when you need them in a hurry as you dash out the door. Compartmentalized shelves with small organizers can hold the contents of pockets – wallets, coins, cell phones, sunglasses, id tags, etc.

Sports and Pets

A sturdy bin can hold sports or other outdoor equipment, even ice melt, that needs to be kept handy but inside, out of the elements. Consider a spot for pet items such as dog leashes, pooper-scoopers, bags, and old towels for when you head in and out with your pet.

On the Go

A small dry erase board, chalkboard, or bulletin board near the door allows you to send and receive messages and reminders as you head in or out the door. Add a small mirror to check your hair and appearance before you leave. A bigger mirror can also help your small room appear larger.



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