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How to Organize a Small Bedroom

how-to-organize-small-bedroomLearning how to organize a small bedroom is an important step in ensuring the functionality of the room. Not only is organization important in terms of being able to find everything that is stored in the bedroom, it can also help one relax and get a good night’s sleep. Though it may seem like a difficult task, organizing a small bedroom can actually be a rather simple process.

Get Rid of the Clutter

One of the biggest challenges that many people face when trying to organize a small bedroom is that they simply have too much stuff. Throw away or donate anything you do not need, and be selective regarding what items need to stay in the bedroom and what can be moved to another room. To ensure a good night’s sleep, experts recommend that the bedroom only be used for sleep and sexual activity. Keep this in mind when deciding what items must be stored in the bedroom.

Make Use of All Available Space

Bedrooms tend to have a lot of wasted space, such as the area under the bed. Rather than leaving this precious space empty, consider adding to it by putting the bed on risers. Doing so will elevate the bed to a level that makes under bed storage a practical solution. Be sure to make use of vertical space as well. Adding a shelving system along a bedroom wall can greatly increase the amount of available storage space. To keep the shelves organized, put items in clearly labeled bins or baskets.

Limit the Amount of Furniture

Too much furniture or pieces that are too large can easily make a small bedroom feel cramped and cluttered. Bring in only the furniture that is absolutely necessary, and, if possible, try to buy pieces that are proportionately the right size for the space. Choosing dressers that are tall instead of wide is a good way to increase storage space without taking up additional floor space. Replacing a large bed with a smaller one can also make organization easier as it allows more room for storage.

Make Use of the Closet

No matter how small a closet is, it can help to organize a bedroom. Make sure the closet is kept neat and clutter free. Install shelves along the walls for items that cannot be hung up, and if there is room to do so, consider adding additional storage units.



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