How to Paste Wax Hardwood Floors

Author: Gabrielle Marks

Paste wax can quench a dry, dull hardwood floor and add a subtle shine.  The concept and method of application for paste waxing a hardwood floor is the same as waxing a car. Use only the paste wax recommended by the flooring manufacturer.

Three Easy Steps to Paste Waxing a Hardwood Floor

1. Using a soft cloth rub a generous amount of paste wax directly onto the hardwood floor in a circular motion. Work it well so that it seeps deep into the grain of the wood.

2. Allow the wax to dry for five to ten minutes so that it may harden it to form a solid, protective coating.

3. Buff the floor using another soft cloth. Vigorously rub any residual wax in the direction of the wood grain.

What Type of Wax Should I Use?

Never use a paste wax that contains silicone, ammonia, Tung oil, or lemon oil.  These ingredients can have long-term effects on appearance.  You may also not have the option to recoat the floor if necessary later. 

Can I Wax My Urethane Coated Floor?

Never wax a surface-finished floor such as a hardwood floor coated in polyurethane.  Use only recommended hardwood floor cleaners and avoid using any cleaners that are designed for tile or vinyl. Avoid using vinegar and water solutions as the acetic acid in vinegar can ruin a hardwood floor's finish over time.



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