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How to Prepare for a Panel Interview


Preparing for a panel interview can be extremely nerve racking for many workplace professionals. If executed correctly, a panel interview can be more advantageous than other interviewing methods as you have the powerful opportunity to influence more people in one setting.  Here are some important points to remember in a panel interview.

Let Your Personality Shine

For some professionals, the panel interview setting seems more intimidating than a one-on-one interview.  Don’t let the setting unravel you.  In a one-on-one setting, if the interviewer does not form a rapport with you, the interview can sour very quickly.  In a panel interview, you have a unique opportunity to win over at least a few of the panel members.  Be yourself and let your personality shine through.  Companies like to hire people that they like.

Display Good Energy

Showing good energy in your panel interview is also extremely important. Companies love to hire the go-getter. Remember that an open position usually means that work is getting backed up. Show them with your positive energy that you are ready to tackle the problems and give relief to the managers. Positive energy is contagious.

Direct Your Attention to Each Member of the Panel

It is also critically important that you maintain eye contact and include each panel member in your conversation. Do not look in a general direction or over their heads.  Respond directly to the panel member that asks a question and bring other members into the conversation that show interest.



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