How to Prevent Discrimination in the Workplace

Author: Alexandra Roberts

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Summary: Tips to prevent discrimination in the workplace and how discrimination affects a company's bottom line.

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Though government regulations such as the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all its amendments have helped to mitigate the incidence of discrimination in the workplace, there is no denying that it still exists in a variety of forms.  A Gallup poll released in December 2005 reported that the American workers surveyed showed improvement but there were still problems.  As an example 22% of Caucasian women report that they have experienced some form of discrimination compared to 3% of Caucasian men.  African American women report even higher incidence rates at 27%.

Discrimination Is Bad for Everyone

The complainant in a discrimination case is not the only one affected by the behavior.  Discrimination can lower overall employee morale and turnover, which adversely affects the company's bottom line. Preventing discrimination in the workplace is simply good business practice.

Tips to Help Your Business Prevent Discrimination

Analyze current company policies in any aspect that discrimination may occur such as hiring, promotion, and termination practices, benefits programs, and compensation packages. 

Institute a discrimination policy that is distributed to all employees on all levels.  The policy should be perceived as fair and should reinforce appropriate managerial behaviors.

Train all employees at all levels on your discrimination policy.

Outline a formal procedure to report discrimination that employees feel comfortable utilizing.  Disciplinary actions should also be clearly outlined.

Take action quickly when an allegation of discrimination if reported.


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