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How to Prevent Impetigo


Impetigo is a bacterial infection that invades any area of the skin that has become tender or raw from irritation or injury, such as a runny nose, drooling, and scratching, which is why it is most common around the mouth and nose. (“Impetigo”,

Impetigo can enter anywhere that the protective skin barrier is broken such as animal bites, common lesions, and insect bites. (“Impetigo”, )

To Prevent Impetigo

To prevent impetigo from invading raw skin you need to take precautions during susceptible times such as colds.

Dry skin-keep skin moist with a good cream when you notice it drying out.  Use more aggressive measures such as bag balm if you notice the skin beginning to crack.

Keep lips from chapping from a good lip balm.  If you notice they are beginning to crack, slather on Vaseline until they heal.

Cover skin lesions such as cuts and scrapes and keep them clean.

To Prevent the Spread of Impetigo

If you already have impetigo then it is important that you take measures not to spread the bacteria to other areas of the body or to another person who may be susceptible.

Don’t scratch the infected area. Scratching can spread the infection to other parts of the body.

Keep nails short.  Nails can rip the skin and cause further bacterial invasion. Keeping the nails short will also help to resist the urge to scratch in your sleep.

Keep the infected area clean by gently washing the area several times per day to remove crust and drainage.

Don’t share anything that comes in contact with the infected area, such as a towel or clothing.  Impetigo can be transmitted to another person through an additional skin lesion.



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