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How to Prevent Wrinkles in 3 Simple Steps


Skin wrinkling is primarily attributed to cell aging and gravity. If only you could wheel and deal with Mother Nature the same way you do with your clients. Unfortunately, as you age the skin produces less elastin and collegen which results in skin sagging. Just because wrinkles are inevitable doesn’t mean you need to surrender without a fight. Knowing what causes wrinkles is a great defense in knowing how to prevent them.

Public Enemy #1: The Sun

As your mental states lifts when the sun peeks through those clouds, your skin is silently groaning. The sun’s rays contain ultraviolet radiation, which is extremely damaging to the skin. Keep your skin younger for years longer by protecting that fragile epidermis with the following tips:

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. And did I mention sunscreen? Other than avoiding the sun altogether, applying sunscreen liberally is probably the most effective proactive decision you can make when it comes to preventing premature aging. Find a good, water-proof sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, and apply liberally every two hours.

Avoid the sun. Well, it’s nice to think that avoiding the sun will result in healthier skin, but how realistic is that really? Sunshine on a warm breezy day lifts the spirit and lightens the mood. If you feel the same way about the sun, then you need to make smart decisions about how you approach your happy sun days. Applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and avoiding directly exposing the skin for any length of time during high peak hours will go a long way in protecting your skin from premature aging.

Remember that light is reflective. Be extra diligent if you are planning a sunny day outing near water, snow, or white sands.

Public Enemy #2: Smoking

If the threat of lung cancer, an addiction to nicotine, and yellowing of the teeth was not motivation enough to quit smoking, research shows that heavy smokers are almost five times more likely to be wrinkled than non-smokers as smoking impairs the production of collagen. Studies further indicate that smoking carries with it other very attractive side-effects such as acne, psoriasis, and hair loss.

Public Enemy #3: Your Face Will Freeze Like That

It is said that some truth lies beneath all old wives’ tales. Repeatedly making the same facial expressions and having your face forever ‘frozen’ like that may be one of them. Frown lines, crow’s feet and lines that appear around the mouth are all examples of wrinkles that may be preventable and caused by repeated facial expressions.

A recent study, explored through MRI, the muscle contractions used to make facial expressions and found that with age, muscles gradually straighten and shorten due to repeated contractions. Attempting not to scowl when you are angry is an option, but more realistic objectives would be initiating preventative measures such as wearing protective sunglasses to avoid squinting and not smoking to avoid consistent puckering of the mouth.


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