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How to Prevent Wrinkles on the Forehead


You can prevent wrinkles on the forehead including their onset as well as their size and depth with an effective wrinkle prevention regimen following these guidelines.

Start Early

Wrinkle prevention regimens, especially for the face, such as the religious application of sunscreen protection products should be adopted as early as during childhood. This is because wrinkles are the result of cumulative damage that has occurred on the skin. Therefore each time the skin has been overexposed to sun damage contributes to premature wrinkling, especially on the forehead, which is the most exposed area of the face.

It is recommended that individuals who have skin that is diagnosed as dry, begin their anti-aging regimens at the age of 15 years old. Regimens for this skin type include moisture therapy, to compensate for the skin’s lack of sufficient water and lipid retention, as having dry skin makes an individual more susceptible to wrinkles. Individuals with combination skin are advised to start their wrinkle prevention regimens at 20 years old, while those with oily skin can begin later

Apply a Comprehensive Sun and Light Screen Product

Although 80% of facial skin damage is attributed to frequent sun exposure, indoor light exposure is also seriously damaging to the skin, and can therefore cause wrinkles.

UVA rays and indoor/outdoor infrared and visible light rays come from light sources such as light bulbs, lamps, computer screens and television screens. Therefore, a comprehensive sun and light screen protection product should be used.

Determine the Proper Level of Facial Sunscreen Protection that is Right for You

Sunscreen protection products for daily use on the face should have an SPF of 30 and higher. If your skin burns easily, a minimum of SPF 50 should be applied daily.



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