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How to Protect Hardwood Floors

How to Protect Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can add warmth and value to a home.  Taking a few precautionary measures to protect them will keep them beautiful for years to come.

Sand Scratches Hardwood Floors

Daily wear from sand and gravel inadvertently dragged through the house from the outdoors can readily scratch the surface of your hardwood floors.  To keep tracking to a minimal do the following:

  • Place doormats or throw rugs at all entrances.
  • Vacuum frequently with the soft-bristled floor attachment that will work to suck up the dirt, not push it around like a broom.

Keep Floors in Mind during Daily Activities

UV Rays Are Detrimental to Hardwood Floors

The harsh UV rays of the sun accelerate the aging and oxidation of wood.  Hardwood floors exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods will ultimately lead to drying and fading.  You can avoid this by installing light filtering blinds in those rooms where hardwood floors are present.

If light filtering blinds are not an option, use throw rugs to cover the floor in high sunlight areas, and close the drapes during peak sunlight hours.

Movable Furniture Damages Hardwood Floors

Place felt pads on all furniture that will frequently be moved such as dining room chairs.  Check them frequently to ensure that the chair leg is fully covered.

Never move any furniture by dragging it across a hardwood floor.



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