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How to Put On Lipstick

How to Put On Lipstick

Discover how to put on lipstick flawlessly with tips and tricks from the pros. Here’s what they know that you may not.

Choose the Right Brand

Perfect lips start with a quality lipstick. Products that contain harsh dyes and fragrances can irritate the lips. Choose a high-quality brand that contains moisturizers, emollients, and vitamins to help your lips stay healthy and moist. An added step to ensure soft, moist lips is to apply a lip balm every day even before putting on your lipstick.

Choose the Right Shade

Applying a shade that clashes with your skin tone can give you a cartoonish appearance. Find a color that flatters your complexion and skin tone. If your complexion has a pink undertone, plum shades will work nicely. Those with a yellow undertone will be complemented by warm reds and browns. You can always experiment with different colors, or even mix different colors to find that perfect shade that will complement your face and skin color.

Foundation Tip

When applying powder or foundation to your face, don’t forget your lips. Applying powder or foundation to your lips will help your lipstick to last longer throughout the day, and it will help to emphasize the color.

Create the Outline

Always outline your lips with a lip pencil to keep you color from bleeding. Use a color that is within two shades of your lipstick color. If done properly, lip liner can make your lips look fuller and give them more definition.

How to Apply the Lipstick

You can apply lipstick straight from the tube or use a lipstick brush. A lipstick brush will increase the lipstick’s staying power and be spread more evenly on your lips. Apply the lipstick starting from the center of your lips, and brush outward towards the corners. Apply to the top lip first and then the bottom.

Blot the excess lipstick off of your lips and add a top layer of lip gloss for extra shine.



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