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How to Record Cell Phone Conversations


Recording cell phone conversations can be done for numerous reasons. Also numerous are the ways to record calls. Moreover, there are several legalities to consider when recording cell phone conversations. This introductory guide will briefly demonstrate why, when, and how to legally record cell phone calls.

Business Reasons to Record Calls

Various industries benefit by recording all the calls made by employees or received from customers. Recording calls can increase the efficiency of a business when it is used for remote meetings and interviews, projects requiring collaboration, or training purposes. Recording conference calls enables individuals unable to attend the conference to obtain a record of discussion, decisions and follow-ups.

Personal Reasons to Record Calls

Individuals may want to record conversations to protect themselves from scams or phone harassment. They may desire documentation of business transactions that were conducted over the phone. People may simply want to retain information that was provided, such as directions, recipes, or homework instructions.

Legalities of Recording a Conversation

In most cases, it is legal to record cell phone conversations, as long as all the federal and state laws are adhered to. The federal regulations require at least one party involved in the conversation give consent to the recording. However, some states require that all individuals involved in the conversation have to give consent to the recording. The call has to be legal in both the state of the call’s origination and its destination.

Methods of Recording

Individuals and companies have the following choices for method of recording a cell phone conversation:

  1. Built-in equipment and applications on phone – some newer cell phones come with recording capabilities, simply follow the manufacturers’ instructions.
  2. Utilize software specifically designed for call recording – such as; A) TRx Recorder 4.11(works with Windows CE, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile 2005 operating systems); B) Total Recall S60 Call Recorder 3.1.0 (performs on the Symbian platform, records in the AMR format).
  3. Use recording services -Such as Recordmycall .com or Record Cell, involves using pre-paid call recording cards that channels the calls through a recording switch before the other person answers the call.
  4. Using recording devices – such as placing the phone on loud speaker and then recording it with a tape recorder, or using a digital voice recorder device specifically designed for recording phone calls.


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