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How to Reduce Redness after Waxing


Redness is a minor side effect of waxing, especially on the face. You can help diminish redness and swelling by covering the area with a cold compress. Aloe vera may also help to soothe the area. Sometimes waxing can cause overstimutlation of the glands, which will produce postules. A paste made from baking soda and water may help to reduce inflammation of these areas.

Why Do I Get Redness after Waxing?

Different people have different skin types, some more sensitive to others. Nearly everyone will experience some amount of redness the first time they have an area waxed, but may not get it again. Others with more sensitive skin will always experience redness, some more extreme than others.

Many outside factors can influence how the skin reacts to waxing including certain medications such as Acutane and Retin-A, cosmetic products such as facial scrubs and self-tanners, cosmetic procedures such as any skin peeling procedure, and activities such as tanning. Waxing is not recommended when any of these factors are present.



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