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How to Remove Ink from Clothes Dryer


Much of the advice given for cleaning any stain out of a clothes dryer involves the use of highly flammable materials like acetone and rubbing alcohol.  Before resorting to these aggressive measures test to see if you can remove the spot with simple soap and water.

Simple Soap and Water Method

When working with an electric appliance and liquids the first thing you need to do is unplug the dryer.  Dip your clean cloth into warm sudsy water as opposed to spraying a solution directly into the dryer.  Wring the cloth out thoroughly so that it is just damp.

Does Nail Polish Remover Work to Remove Ink?

Many people offer nail polish remover as advice for removing ink.  Nail polish remover, known chemically as acetone, will remove ink from the drum of your clothes dryer but it is highly flammable. If you are desperate enough to attempt this solution, apply only a trace amount of acetone directly onto your cloth, never directly in the drum of the dryer.  Once you have removed the stain, wash thoroughly with sudsy warm water.  Leave the dryer door open and allow to ventilate thoroughly before attempting to use the dryer again.

Does Rubbing Alcohol Work to Remove Ink?

Rubbing alcohol is another chemical that removes ink from surfaces rather quickly but is also highly flammable.  The same prudent measures for removal should be taken when using rubbing alcohol around an appliance that heats up as acetone.

Follow Up

Whichever method of removal worked for you, be sure to run a load of dry rags through the first time so that an oversight will result in stained rags, not ruined clothing.



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