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How to Remove Latex and Oil-based Paint from Carpet

How to remove latex paint from carpet

How to Remove Latex Paint

Combine warm water with liquid dish detergent and blot on the stain. Continue to blot until the stain is removed.

Once a water-based paint has dried, try rewetting the paint stain by blotting it with rubbing alcohol.

As a last resort, try using lacquer thinner on the stain.

How to Remove Oil Based Paint

Like other oily spills, oil-based paint stains will require a solvent.  The paint can may instruct you which solvent works best to remove the paint.  If not try turpentine, paint thinner, and rubbing alcohol.

Once oil paint has dried, it is virtually impossible to remove. You may need to replace the carpet.

General Carpet Stain Cleaning Tips

Preliminary Testing: Always test any product that you are going to use on your carpet in an inconspicuous place.  Cleaners and spot removal methods work differently on different fibers and different makes of carpet.

Preliminary Clean-Up: For the best chances for successful stain removal, get as much of the spill up by blotting it until your paper towel or cloth is dry.

Absorbent White Cloth: Use an absorbent white cloth to soak up and remove stains. Colored cloths could transfer dye to the carpet while using particular cleaning products.

Blot Don’t Scrub: Scrubbing a stain can exacerbate the situation and embed it deeper into the carpet pile.

Blot in One Direction: Scrubbing a carpet stain in circles can damage the carpet pile and unravel fibers.

Avoid Soaking the Carpet: Don’t pour large amounts of liquids or cleaners on the carpet in attempts to remove a stain. Soaking a carpet can ruin it.  Use a spray bottle to mix solutions and spray a mist onto the stain.

Avoid Spreading the Stain: Work any stain from the outside edges toward the center of the stain to avoid spreading it outward.

Finishing Touches: Rinse the carpet with cool water and blot up any moisture to ensure that all cleaners are rinsed from the carpet before it dries.



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