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How to Remove Lipstick


The most effective way to remove lipstick from the lips is by using a good quality make-up remover. There are many excellent make up removers that work well. Using regular soap and water is not recommended because soap is often too harsh for the tender skin of the lips.

Dab a small amount of make-up remover onto a cotton swab.

Wipe lips with the swab gently, making sure to use a separate swab for the rest of the face. This will take off the very first layer of any type of lipstick. Long lasting lip colors will take more effort in this stage.

Use a toner with low alcohol content in order to prevent the lips from becoming dried out. If there is any lip color still lingering, the final process should eliminate it.

Apply a good cold cream or even a petroleum based lip moisturizer with a cotton swab or pad, wiping off all the excess.

The skin of the lips is thinner and more fragile than the skin of the face, so additional care must be taken to maintain healthy, soft lips. Excessive licking dries lips out quickly, as does overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Cold weather causes lips to dry out faster so it is a good idea to be more diligent in the winter. If lips are kept well moisturized, then lipstick will be easier to apply and remove, in addition to creating a seamless look.



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