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How to Remove Old Coffee Stains from Carpet

How to remove old coffee stains from carpet

Old coffee stains in the carpet are one of the most difficult to remove.  Focusing on the fact that coffee beans contain tannins, which are compounds naturally occurring in certain plants, will help you to use the right mixture of cleaning solutions to lift the stain.

Steps to Remove the Coffee Stain

  1. Using an absorbent white cloth blot the stain until all the liquid is absorbed into the cloth.
  2. Make a vinegar and water solution of one part white vinegar to three parts water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and saturate the stain. Blot to remove the excess.
  3. Make another solution of a ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to one quart of water. Make sure the dishwashing liquid does not contain lanolin or bleach. Dab a small amount of liquid on the stain and begin blotting.
  4. Work from the outside of the stain toward the center to ensure that the stain does not spread.
  5. Do not rub the stain. Rubbing will entrench the stain further into the carpet fibers.
  6. Blot gently in one direction so as not to unravel the carpet fiber.
  7. Fill a second spray bottle with cold water and saturate the stain. Quickly blot up the moisture.
  8. Repeat the above steps until the stain has been removed.



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