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How to Remove Smell from a Microwave Oven?


Cleaning smells from a microwave can be done with a few common household items.  There is no need to buy expensive cleaners when simple things that you already have in the pantry will get the job done.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has long been known to remove odor.  To get rid of a bad or burnt smell from the microwave, you can fill a bowl with one-cup water and two tablespoon of baking soda.  The solution is cooked on high for three minutes.  When time is up, the bowl is removed, and the microwave is wiped down with a moist towel.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another effective odor solution.  Fill a bowl with water and a few drops of lemon juice.  Three cloves can also be added to the bowl.  This mixture is cooked for two minutes or until water is boiling.  This solution remains inside the oven for 15 minutes.  The steam will go to work and remove the bad smell.  After the time is up, you can remove the bowl, and use a sponge to wipe the inside.  The microwave door should be left open for a few hours.


You can fill a bowl with vinegar.  Cook it for three minutes until it boils.  Since vinegar is a natural deodorizer, it will take away any bad smell from the oven.  Let it sit inside the microwave for 20 minutes.  When finished, you should wipe the inside with a moist sponge.

Coffee Grounds

Take a small plate of coffee grounds and leave it inside the microwave overnight.  In the morning, stir the grounds and continue to leave them inside for a few more hours.  Eventually, the smell should be gone.

Rubbing Alcohol

You can place a bit of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball.  This can be rubbed all around the interior. Almost immediately, the smell will disappear.  It is important to clean the machine with soap and water when finished.

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