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How to Respond to a Negative Employee Performance Review


Sure, it’s great to receive a good performance review, but there may be a time during your career when you may receive a bad performance review. It happens to many people. If that’s the case, follow these suggestions…

How to Handle a Bad Performance Review

Stay calm. Relax. Breathe. Do not overreact and be objective. Especially, do not say things that will likely be regretted later. Besides, the person giving the performance review may or may not be the one who has written the bad review.

What to Do When Receiving a Bad Performance Review

It’s best to listen attentively, and make comments/remarks when asked for them. Besides, during the performance review, the one being reviewed will be asked questions, or be allowed to make comments or remarks, if she disagrees.

What to Do After Receiving a Bad Performance Review

Don’t be intimidated by the bad performance review and want to quit the job; instead, learn from it. Also, if the organization allows their employees to make a written statement on their behalf, do make one. It is important for the worker to show why she does not agree with the bad performance review; for instance, to express understanding for it, and to comply with any constructive suggestions.

Ways to Improve a Bad Performance Review

A way to improve a bad performance review is to set self-reviews; that is, establish performance standards. Another way to improve a bad review is to learn what it is the manager, supervisor, or boss wants or expects from his/her employees. Learning what it was that caused a bad performance review helps to improve professional growth and encourages as well as motivates the worker to doing better in order to receive a good review next time.



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