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How to Respond: Why Should I Hire You?



The job interview question ‘Why should we hire you?’ is a perennial top ten favorite HR query point, right up there with other standards such as ‘Describe a problem and how you solved it’ and ‘What are your greatest weaknesses’?

Practice Makes Rehearsed

Career coaching experts typically recommend that candidates spend three hours preparing for each separate job interview. Which means that there should be no pat answers to the standard questions while at the same time avoiding the feeling that the prepared replies are “too” rehearsed. In the case of the ‘Why should I/we hire you?’, this is an opportunity for the job candidate to clearly and concisely sell themselves to the interviewer. Along with listing abilities and qualifications, it is critical to avoid generalities and platitudes. For example, terms such as “motivated” and “hard-working” will do little to separate you from the pack. A good part of the three-hour preparation for this and other key interview questions should be used to reinforce and remember distinctive key words or phrases.

How Can I Help You?

There is certainly no shortage of different approaches that are recommended for job interviews. However, one that can help reduce the stressful context of such key questions is that of a take-charge attitude. Before the ‘Why should I hire you?’ question is even asked, a candidate can turn the tables by introducing questions of their own, such as ‘How can I help you?’ It’s always a judgment call in terms of whether or not such an aggressive approach will backfire or not, but in some cases, it can quickly even the playing field to more of 50-50 level.

Be Confident in What You Have to Offer

A candidate’s mindset is the most critical element of all when it comes to a job interview. If the job applicant goes into the conversation convinced of their potential value to the company, and has properly rehearsed how to communicate that said value, answers to the top ten job interview questions will come a lot more easily.


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