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How to Sharpen Hair Clippers


Hair clippers are designed to sharpen themselves because as the blades rub up against each other they hone the edge. However, the blade needs to be oiled and wiped down regularly for this auto-sharpening effect to take full effect. When this is not done, the clippers eventually begin to get dull which is caused by a buildup of tiny hairs, a residual film from chemicals, and rust. Left untreated the corrosion begins to get progressively worse to a point where the blades will barely slide past each other. When clippers are dull, hair is pulled rather than cut. If the clippers still cut, they do so in a ragged and uneven way.

Tools Needed

When planning to clean a hair clipper, the tools you will need include a soft cloth, coarse cloth, plastic scrubber, rubbing alcohol, blade oil, and a brush.

Cleaning the Clippers

Begin by unscrewing the blades, which are held together by two screws close to the top. Note the direction of the blades so that they can be put back in the right way. Examine the blade for hair, dirt, and rust. Clean all hair with a small brush, covering all parts of the blade. Once this is done, apply a soft cloth over the blade assembly and inside the clippers.

Should there be rust on the blade, wipe with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Begin with a coarse cloth or plastic scrubber, and then polish off with a soft, fine cloth. Assemble the blades together in the right order, tightening the screws properly. Now apply blade oil. Sharpen the clippers by snapping the blades together in the air for at least five minutes.

Hair clippers that are well maintained not only provide a better hair cut but they are also hygienic, so it is well worth the effort to keep hair clippers clean and sharp.



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