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How to Store Beets


Preparation for Storage

Because soil contains bacteria, fungi, and a variety of other microorganisms, it is important that you wash your newly harvested crop diligently so these organisms will not contaminate your kitchen and other food products.

After fully washing the beets to remove all dirt and debris, cut the greens leaving one inch at the top. This will also prevent the beets from excessively “bleeding” during cooking.  Leave the taproot intact.  If you store with the greens intact, the greens will rob the beet of its moisture causing the beet to shrivel.

Allow to fully dry before storing.

General Storage

After preparing your beets, they can be refrigerated. (35-40°F)

Winter Storage

If you want to attempt to extend the storage life of your beets, find an area that is cold (32°F) with high humidity (RH 90-95%) like a root cellar.  They will last longer if stored in a container filled with moist sand.

Storage Life

Beets stored in the refrigerator will last one to two weeks.

Beet greens stored in the refrigerator will last a few days.

If stored in a cool, moist place and prepared properly, beets will store well for two to four months.

Extend the Life of Your Beets

The moment you harvest your beets the clock on the storage life begins to tick.  You can mound soil over beets that are still in the garden and cover generously with mulch to protect them from frost as you harvest them as needed.



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